Saturday 2/26 Update


The teams have been decided and here they are: IdWeeds is a web based inventory management system that allows dispensaries to communicate surpluses between peers.  The foundation of IdWeeds is to eliminate shortages for individual dispensaries, in turn improve overall customer service for the medical marijuana industry. To promote growth for athletes who need equipment and money to advance to the next level by connecting them to the resources that allow them to develop efficiently and effectively. Athletes can upload profiles of their athletic undertakings, become validated in their accomplishments and seek professional sponsorship for their continued growth and success.  Sponsors have the ability to search for athletes for the right fit to promote their gear and professional name. Where are you going?  What path are you traveling?  Benefit and learn from those that have been down that path.  As you advance, help those that are following behind you coming soon !!!!

RightFormation: RightFormation attempts to revolutionize the way people think about and organize teams for projects. Through a process involving project owners, developers, designers, technical managers, and others, projects are presented and teams form through existing and new networks to tackle existing projects together. As teams compete for and complete projects, they prove their individual reputations to the community at large.

edyou:  is a community for users to come and engage in structured online learning from the best educational content from all over the web. edyou students can become experts in a topic in an hour. From there, users can take a deeper dive into topics, learn in their preferred style and speed, and engage with other community learners.

SnapGames: snapgames is developing the first ever do-it-yourself social gaming web app to make it ridiculously easy for anybody on earth – individuals, small businesses and big brands – to create and launch a Facebook social game on their fan page. is a GPS based tool to help parents find the closest and cleanest facilities for changing a diaper on the go.  You can also use it to find related places for food, places to play or emergency medical care. Because !T HAPPENS, you might as well have fun, stay clean, and be rewarded!  Earn your “stripes” with valuable coupons and offers on products and services you already use everyday!!